Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

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About Us

Little do people know that NEWS is an acronym for the convergence of the reports of events going on in the North, East, West, South, and that is why we at Reference Daily News are here to provide accurate, well-detailed and objective report on various activities or events ranging from politics, entertainment, education, health, economy, automotive, religion and other spheres of life.

At Reference Daily News, we offer both print and broadcast contents ranging from online reports, news coverage of live events, vox pop on people’s views about local and national issues. In all, Reference Daily News brings you the latest Nigeria, Africa, and World news updates.

Reference Daily News is a fast-growing news website located at Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria and the United States with adequate correspondents across the country enabling us to give accurate reports on events and happenings.

Our mission is to churn out in-depth and unbiased reports professionally and also to become an authority in news reportage where no one tells the story better than we do.​

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