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Dalung Brags Of Ministerial Reappointment

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Mr Solomon Dalung said he’s confident of reappointment by President Muhammad Buhari as the sports minister and no human being can stop him from such opportunity.

He said, there is nobody born of a woman that can stop his appointment if God wants it to be.

Dalung is not carried away by any sentiment that is prompting a crisis in the basketball, athletics and Football Federation.

The immediate past Sports Minister said the crisis that rose up in his ministry had been well managed effectively as a minister and he looks forward to the progress of the sports sector if reappointed.

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    “It’s God that gives power. If He chooses again to give me power, I think I will focus more on consolidating on a very viable grassroots development architecture; I will redirect most of the government’s funds to that. The professional athletes will always be compensated for representing the country, but we need to balance things.”

    “I hope to also de-emphasise the construction of some of the giant sporting infrastructures that we have, as well as align myself with the world by adapting to convertible methods. You can build up a sporting arena, play and still use the venue for another thing. I saw that when we went for the Commonwealth Games (Australia 2018).

    “I will try to develop a workable and encompassing relationship between major sports stakeholders and the federations, including the media. I will also work closely with governors as concurrent legislative partners. I have travelled throughout this country and found that some states don’t have any stadium.

    “Federations will be made to organise  programmes in states and embark on specialisation sports, where every state will develop an interest in its sports.”

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