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UNIOSUN VC Replies Osodeke, Calls Him A Loose Talker, Uneducated

The Vice Chancellor of the Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Prof. Odunayo Clement Adebooye has described the President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Professor Emmanuel Osodeke as a loose and careless talker. This was almost immediately after the former in an interview with Arise Television described as “quacks” universities who aren’t on strike.

The Professor and Vice Chancellor said UNIOSUN has employed a total of 481 full-time academic staff, of which 387 among them hold PhD. “This is not a quack.”

Osodeke in the course of the Television interview on Thursday, called Osun State University, Kwara State University and Lagos State University quacks.

According to him, “Kwara State University is not a member of ASUU. Osun State University was suspended from ASUU for misbehaviour. We are in court with LASU (Lagos State University) because they sacked all our executives more than five years ago. They were not part of this struggle.”

The Vice Chancellor while responding to this claim on fielding questions from journalists at a press conference on Friday. He further announced the approval and accreditation of the institution’s Bachrachelor of Medicine (MBBS) programme by the Nigeria Medical and Dental Association.

You will recall that the university kick-started the MBBS programme in accordance in accordance with the NUC’s approval in 2012.

The programme was thereafter discontinued owing to some operational issues which led to the immediate transfer of students enrolled to Ukraine by the State to conclude their programmes

Professor Adebooye noted that the NMDC did not only approve the MBBS programme but also increased the admission quota for the programme from 50d to 100 students.

“Between January and August 2022, our academic members of staff have demonstrated the “can do spirit” in research and they have excelled in this world of stiff but healthy competition for research grants. I am glad to inform you we have six grants amounting to about US$300,000 in the last 8 months,” he said this in his address.

Meanwhile, while reacting to the ASUU president’s statement, the Vice-Chancellor said Osun state university takes very serious exceptions for having mentioned the institution as a quack university and demanded the withdrawal of the statement from Professor Osodeke.

According to him, the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUA), where ASUU President teaches, does not have UNIOSUN’s achievements.

“ASUU President should go and check my profile, I cannot preside on quack university. He has expressed his opinion and that is his, the University he teaches does not have our achievements.

“He was here this year and commended the quality of what he saw here, the infrastructure, only a few universities. Osun state university takes very serious exceptions for having mentioned the institution as a quack university.

“He shouldn’t talk about what he doesn’t know if he wants to continue being a true professor. A true professor finds facts and bases of whatever they say, he should get educated, I challenge him to get educated.

“Referring UNIOSUN as a quack university is a careless statement and not expected from ASUU President who is a professor; who must not make a statement without facts.” the VC said.

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