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BBC Dares Buhari, Says More Documentaries To Be Released On Insecurity

The British Broadcasting Coporation has spoken in respect to the threat of sanction issued by the Buhari-led federal government. The sanction is to punish the international media for airing documentaries glorifying, fueling terrorism, banditry in Nigeria.

Reference Daily News recalls that the National Broadcasting Corporation brought a 5 million fine against the media wing of the Media Trust Limited owing to its “Nigeria’s Banditry: The Inside Story”.

Further fined with humongous prices are Multichoice Limited (Owners of DSTV), NTA-Startimes Limited and Telcom Satelite Limited (TSTV) – 5 Million each.

The NBC maintained that the media companies were fined for airing documentaries capable of promoting banditry and terrorism in the country.

While reacting to the said development, operatives of the BBC said the Nigeria government is interested in hushing the media, as they also trivialize the enormity of the crises being witnessed as per security.

They further maintained that the Nigerian government has been trying to force the media into underreporting the level of damage visited on Nigeria by non-state actors.

“We published another one (documentary), and will do more because it’s about the people suffering”, Daily Post quoted one of the sources as saying.

“They (government) did not impose a fine on us because they knew they could not do so.

“What they can do is write to the agency that regulates us, the Office of Communications (Ofcom).

“They definitely would ask Ofcom to take disciplinary actions; they cannot do anything other than that.

“After Trust TV spoke with the victims, we interviewed the NSAs – Ado Aleru, the one turbaned, and Abu Sanni who led the Jangebe school attack,” the source added.

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