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Take-It-Back Movement Starts ‘Best Bad Road Challenge’ In Nigeria [Photos]

The Take-It-Back, TIB, Movement has thrown up a Challenge called Best Bad Road with the hashtag #BBRC to citizens all across Nigeria.

The TIB Organizers are calling Nigerians all across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, to look around their local governments and “commission” the bad and dilapidated roads with potholes and deadly ditches.

Nigerians, all across the nation have being subjected to harrowing and tormenting experience as many roads have degenerated so badly and have become so deplorable.

These roads are full of deadly potholes which are now death traps causing accidents that claim lives and properties and this is getting worse.

Despite the amoral and huge padded budgets being allocated for roads by the federal and state governments nothing concrete is seen on ground as many of the roads constructed collapses in few months due to substandard materials used.

The widespread corruption in these federal and states government is so appalling, infact it has become an “epidemic” as they award road contracts to themselves and their cronies who in turn will do shabby jobs for outrageous amounts.

The Best Bad Road Challenge, #BBRC is for citizens to make a video of these horrible roads that has become so disgraceful and then send it to TIB movement.

The videos are to be sent by email to or by WhatsApp to +14097100100 & +16479892837.

At the end of the challenge the states and local governments with the best bad road will win.


Watch out for the best bad road #BBR road video on TIB’s YouTube Channel
@TIBtv (
(Road with highest views wins).

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