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EndSARs Panel Report: The Barbarians Are Now Wailers By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

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“We don’t want no peace, We want equal rights and justice” — Wyclef Jean; “Diallo”

EndSARs Protest | Credit: Google

The #EndSARS panel report has given a radical clean bill of health to the movement. It has vindicated all those who sacrificed to organise, join, sustain, and defend the most amazing and historic uprising of youths in Nigeria. The report gave a landmark shut up to all the agents, supporters and movers of the Buhari-led APC fascist regime that did all sort of dirty and wicked things to cover-up the Lekki massacre and many other killings that disrupted the EndSARS protests.

The dark period between October 20, 2020 till a year after witnessed multiple persecutions of the EndSARS movement. But like the Sorosoke mantra which it has adopted, the EndSARS activists have shown serious imbibing of great lessons from mass actions of the past, especially from 1999 till date. Most admiring are the activists who decided not to run or hide as the state actually planned. These activists stood after the carnages by storming the panels all around the country with evidences and witness accounts. They also helped to mobilize and organise in defence of thousands who were maimed and wounded. They sort after families of murdered comrades as well as confront the panels with legal and political fireworks.

The most notable of the several organisations are those of the New Nigeria Network (NNN) that was deepened during the EndSARS protests. In NNN is the Radical Agenda Movement in the NBA (RAMINBA); a group of radical lawyers that participated in the movement and also led the legal engagements at the Lagos State Panel of Enquiry and Restitution that unraveled the massacre that was done by the Lagos and Federal government at the Lekki TollGate, Lagos. RAMINBA has shown a striking example to lawyers who really care about revolutionary changes.

Also, the #OccupyLekkiTollGate activists that led the February 14 protests against the reopening of the gate of blood played such a fundamental political role that foreshadowed the victory conveyed in the Panel report later in November. About 40 of these activists were arrested and cruelly beaten like terrorists, but never wavered. The consistent political actions of the #RevolutionNow movement also played significant roles in putting the ruling class on its toes, and providing political leverage on which the panel relied to express the grand courage to churn out such pages of damning judgement against those that created it.

Since the report has been out, however, the rulers have found their wailing voices. It was the dissenters, protesters, and critics that Buhari’s pipers usually mock as wailers. But the Wailers are now singing sweet songs with melodies so beautiful as Bob Marley admonished. Our barbarians are now the ones crying profusely.

From the Chief of Defence Staff, General Iraboh to Governor Sanwo-Olu and his agents in Lagos, to the chief-Wailer Lai Mohammed; those who committed the Lekki massacre have been crying blood and spitting angry words publicly. The panel report pains them to their bone marrows!

The cries of Lai Mohammed and others is not just cause they are afraid of the consequences. It is that the report has justified the closest attempt at a Nigerian revolution. The report has made all those who dared to march on the streets shouting EndSARS and EndBadGovernment public heroes in such a short time.

The EndSARS report also give a clue as to the best way to stop the ensuing ethnic and religious wars in Nigeria. The EndSARS movement has no religion nor an ethnic. It is all unifying and encompassing. It makes the youths to write a historic page that a new Nigeria based on Developments, Security, and Justice is very possible.

The report encourages the movement to advance by building amongst rank and file workers so we can have workers power behind us during the fire next time.

The report also reminds us that we need to build solidarity Northwards and make sure we defeat all forms of divisions amongst us. With the Insecurity ravaging the North, the ENDSARS youths need to rise and #EndInsecurity once and for all.

In all, the government fascists are stuck on how to implement the report which has indicted it’s major actors: Buhari, Sanwo-Olu, soldiers and police. We must never mind the cries of these Wailers from the Top. Their cries are good sights but it’s the time to compound their woes. This means that all the millions of youths that participated and organised EndSARS need to start preparing for another month of grand protests. If we do not defend the gains of the Lekki Panel report, the rulers will have more confidence, as barbaric vampires, to drown more voices of dissenters in blood.

We must ice the cake of the report by planning and advancing the much anticipated EndSARS season 2. Such is what we owe all our martyrs from Lekki to Obigbo, to Yola!

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