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Germany Volunteers To Train Nigerian Police On How Best To Handle Protests Without Guns

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The German government has requested the Nigerian government to release at least 30,000 of its police workforce for a special training in Germany.

The German government has requested the Nigerian government to release at least 30,000 of its police workforce for a special training in Germany.

The training will border on how best to manage protests without the use of weapons. An highly-powered delegation from Germany paid a visit to the Chair of the Police Service Commission, PSC, as it was willing to train the new entrants as recruits into the Nigerian Police Force on best practises on street protest management.

The team, ably championed by the retired Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police Force earlier paid a visit to the Force Headquarters and discussed with the Police Inspector-General, Usman Baba-Alkali.

Other members of the delegation were the Deputy Director for West and Central Africa, German Federal Foreign Office, Mr Alexandre Callegaro; the Police Adviser at Stabilisation Unit, German Federal Foreign Office, Mr Sascha Weh; ex-CSP Gerd Baltes, retired SP Horst Schewe and former SP Wolfgang Nikolaus.

Seeger said, “I think the best is, for a start, if you want to build a house, you start with the basement. You focus on very few things, may be two or three. All the demonstrations we had in Europe, there are very few unique situations where police use their weapons; 99.9 per cent, no weapons.

So, we offer to train for best practices. You have a great chance when you train 30,000 young women and men to become policemen, you take the best. It’s a big chance for you now when you train young people. This the future of the police of Nigeria, so you train them well from the first moment.”

He further stressed that there are many experts in terms of policing and that are willing to support the said Reformation of the Nigeria Police, saying he was ready to be on the roundtable with authorities how to go about the training, including other relevant issues.

Germany’s position on attending to protests without the employment of firearms was challenged by Smith, who stated that the protesters were most times armed and law enforcement agents would have to defend themselves against assault.

PSC boss stated, “Let me draw your attention to one issue. When we have protests or demonstrations in this country, it would not be fair to compare it to the ones in Europe and I have my reasons for this.

“For the last five, 10 years, what the men had to face in such situations, I think they have to be well prepared if they value their own lives. They need to be well-armed, well prepared so that if they tried all other means of dispersing them or making arrests, they may take some decisions or sometimes, some persons get hurt.

“But on a few occasions, they are forced to use weapons not only to save their lives but the lives of innocent citizens around the area. So, I don’t think they are totally handling demonstrations very well, there is a lot of room for improvement.”

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