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UK Reports 40,004 New Covid-19 Cases, 61 New Deaths As Brussels Protest Turns Violent

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Scientists hope the launch of boosters and immunity from the summer spread of the more transmissible variant of the Delta coronavirus should help the UK escape the wave of infections seen in parts of Europe, reports PA.

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, one of those responsible for creating the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, said it is “unlikely” that the UK will see a similar increase to parts of Europe.

He told the BBC One: “We’ve actually had some spread (of the virus) since the summer, so I think it’s unlikely we’ll see a big increase in the next few months that’s just been seen. We’re already ahead. with this particular virus, the Delta variant “.

Public health professor at the University of Edinburgh, Linda Bauld, said that while the picture remains “uncertain”, there are a number of factors that could help the UK avoid the situation seen in other countries.

He told Sky’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday: “We took care of our Delta wave in the summer and early fall. We are still there, of course, but not those big increases.

“And then the other characteristics are around, unfortunately, as we’ve had high infections in the past, we probably have a little more natural immunity in the population – like in post-infection immunity, particularly for younger groups that don’t. have been eligible for vaccines ”.

The vaccine launch is also slightly different as the dosage gap between the first and second doses in many European countries was smaller than in the UK, he said.

“So they’re definitely seeing a decline now and they also have, in some parts of the population, some pockets of hesitation, which are causing real concern, so we may not be the same, but you know, it’s very iffy. “

But he added that there is an element of “serious concern actually in trying to determine if there are differences in the situation in Europe, or if it is only a matter of time before it comes to us here”.

Sir Andrew said reaching the point where the virus no longer spreads “will not be a thing”, stating that Covid-19 will last “for decades,” but added that vaccines are successfully slowing it down.

He said the coronavirus remains “a serious global public health problem”, but that in the UK “the balance is shifting due to the vaccine program that has been put in place”.

Sir Andrew said that, taking into account last year’s how the pandemic could develop, the vaccines could have prevented around 300,000 deaths in the UK.

There is already “quite a bit of immunity development” in the younger age groups, he said, when asked about reports on plans for the five-year jab, while Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that the current goal is the launch of the booster and the second jab for 16 and 17 years.

Professor Bauld said accepting the recall offers and continuing to demonstrate prudent behavior will help prevent winter from being a “disaster” and a repeat of last Christmas.

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