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Got The Inspiration To Contest 2023 Presidency From Atiku – Dele Momodu

Popular media Mogul, Mr. Dele Momodu, has said he had been challenged to contest with other candidates in the 2023 presidency by an erstwhile Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar.

The popular journalist who disclosed his defecting to the opposition PDP on Friday, October 29th, engaged Atiku Abubakar at the Eagle’s Square and for the party’s National Convention on Saturday, 30th October.

Disclosing his discussion via his Twitter page, Momodu said, “I felt honoured when the former Vice President of Nigerians Wazirin Adamawa ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR challenged me to a contest

“Dele, I heard you want to contest the Presidential election, we shall meet in the field… You also wrote that I’m too old…”

“I responded: “Your Excellency, I can’t take a unilateral decision on contesting Sir. Also, I did not say you’re too old, I said age is a factor and there are many young qualified Nigerians and your boy who responded to my article did a poor job…”

“Alhaji said he didn’t send the boy to write the reply… I was very impressed that The Wazirin spoke his mind freely…”

The Ovation magazine publisher stated his reasons for joining the PDP to contribute his quota to the growth and development of the nation.

The Ex Presidential candidate insisted that he joined the party to help it win the 2023 presidential election, while championing the course towards sweeping clean the country of the porous policies and initiatives of the ruling All Progressives Congress.
have consulted widely. And it is clear to me that given the dangerous and disastrous drift that our nation has experienced in the past six years, the only party from which amends can be made to rectify our situation is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“This accords with my vehement opposition to the policies and practices of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and its leadership, which has denuded our country of everything we hold dear – national unity, cohesion, security, economic prosperity, educational advancement, social infrastructure, and above all, our cherished moral values.

“For these reasons, I am happy to declare that I am now a full-fledged participating member of the great and patriotic Peoples Democratic Party.”

He further carpeted APC for rubbishing the landmark achievements recorded during the PDP administrations.

“It is deeply saddening and regrettable that some of the biggest and landmark achievements recorded under the PDP administration have been diluted, wasted, or diminished by the present APC government,” he added.

Momodu, who was the presidential candidate under the National Conscience Party and during the year 2011 lost.

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