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Prominent NNPC Official Backs Out, May Slug It Out With Other Governorship Aspirants In Kano

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Inuwa Waya, the Group General Manager of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC has made public his intention to resign from being an active member of the company by December this year.

Inuwa Waya, the Group General Manager of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC has made public his intention to resign from being an active member of the company by December this year.

The intention of Waya to resign is yet to be really confirmed by the NNPC as at the time of covering this news.

Though gathered that he had already presented his letter of voluntary resignation before the company.

Following the submission of his resignation letter, he is reported to have proceeded on the mandatory 3 month pre-retirement vacation, commencing on the 10th September.

Waya disclosed this at an Ambush of birthday party organised as a surprise package for him by the Shipping Division of the corporation. This is in order to mark his 50th birthday on the 10th September.

Waya surprisingly broke the news of the voluntary resignation from NNPC at the birthday party. He said he worked in NNPC for 30 years and it was time to take the exit door. His resignation was deemed necessary for the younger generation to have access to job opportunities.

Waya told the staff at the birthday party: “For over 30 years, I have worked and diligently served the NNPC in various capacities.

“Over the period, I believe I did my best to contribute my little quota towards helping the organisation realise the corporate goals and objectives.

“But I also believe every man and woman has his or her time and season for every of his or her activities.

“There is a time to work; a time to play, and a time to stop work and take a deserved rest to focus on other personal dreams.

“I believe my time to stop public work has come, to give way to my season of rest, find the space to focus on the private practice of my law profession as a qualified lawyer.

“That is what I have done.”

A few people have criticised his resignation, not even when he has two years two more years to spend in order to attain the constitutionally recognised age for retirement.

He made known his intention to vacate the stage when the ovation was most of loudest. He also did that in the best interest of the younger generation who should be given the platform to contribute to National development.

The pre-retirement notification will terminate on the 11th December. Then, his final disengagement will take effect.

Waya who confided in some of his close staff told them he will be going into private law service and farming. Indications also point to the fact that the Kano-born Legal Practitioner may be eyeing the Kano Gubernatorial election in 2023.

Waya is a qualified lawyer and legal practitioner of many years standing.

He began his public service career with the Kano State Ministry of Justice as a state counsel in 1989.

On August 26, 1991, he left the Kano State Government to join the Legal Unit of the NNPC.

In his over 30 years of meritorious service to the NNPC, he served in various departments and capacities.

Apart from serving as the Legal Officer in charge of Litigation, Property, Research and Corporate Law in the corporation, he was appointed the Technical Assistant to the Group General Manager, Legal Division between 1998 and 1999.

In 1999, Waya was posted to Hyson Nigeria Limited, a joint venture between NNPC and Vitol S.A., as the Company Secretary and Legal Adviser.

Between 2009 and 2011, he served as the Acting Executive Director, Services for Hyson Nigeria Limited before being redeployed as the Senior Technical Assistant to the Group Managing Director of the NNPC between 2011 and 2014.

Waya was appointed the General Manager of the Tenders, Contract Administration and Petroleum Upstream Department of the NNPC and later Acting Corporation Secretary/Legal Adviser of the Corporation.

In August 2015, he was appointed Managing Director of Hyson Nigeria Limited and the President of Carlson Bermuda Limited, the offshore arm of the NNPC crude oil joint venture company.

In March 2016, Waya was appointed the Managing Director of NNPC Trading.

During his tenure, he successfully spearheaded the reform, transformation and consolidation into one entity the NNPC multiple joint venture trading companies, comprising at that time all the NNPC Crude Oil Trading Companies, (Napoil Limited, Carlson Bermuda Limited, Duke Oil Panama) and its service companies in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and United Arab Emirate (UAE), Hyson Nigeria Limited and Nigermed.

In March 2020, he was appointed the Group General Manager, NNPC Shipping Division, a position he occupied till his voluntary retirement on September 10.

He had also served as the coordinator of the NNPC Shipping optimisation programme, mandated to transform NNPC Shipping into a global brand capable of imbibing the culture of international best practice in its services.

His wide experience and expertise equally recommended him to be relied upon by the NNPC top management to execute a number of other concurrent assignments in line with the corporation’s growth agenda.

Currently, Waya holds the Directorship of the following strategic business units, including the NNPC Retail Limited, NIDAS Marine Limited, NIDAS Shipping Service Limited (Cyprus), NIDAS Shipping Service Agency (UK) Limited and NIKORMA Shipping.

He graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria with a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree in 1987 and was called to the Nigerian Bar in March 1989 (BL).

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