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The Sowore That I know By Kofoworola Beckley

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Omoyele Sowore, AAC National Chairman

A typical Akpoi son from the little town of Kiribo in the Niger-Delta area of Ondo State, Nigeria, Omoyele Sowore’s fearless fight as an uncompromising champion of unfettered freedom and good governance singles him out among his peers.

At first sight, he appears shy and somewhat reserved. You only need to mention the name Nigeria, and boom! You invariably turn the ignition switch to his oratory prowess. He’s ever ready to discuss the multifarious challenges of his country. While also suggesting several solutions to tackling almost every one of these challenges. Interestingly, he’s quite knowledgeable in all facets of the economy.

His social life is not in the least interesting. This minute he’s hanging out with friends, but the next… he’s disappeared without announcement and probably gets busy engaging an unsuspecting audience with talks about the possible birthing of a ‘Nigeria that works for all’. As a matter of fact, any lady who crushes on him will be wasting her time, because Omoyele is seldom alone! Even in his hotel room, there are at least two male squatters. Some of his close friends have mentioned to me at some point that he doesn’t have emotions. His heart is enveloped in the social crusade.

Sho, as he’s fondly called, is ever ready to confront the likely dire consequences of his actions. His activism has always brought him on a collision course with past governments, but he has remained defiant to threats of arrests and detention. For which reason he has suffered severe and excruciating treatments and about nine detentions. Yet, he remains undaunted in his resolve to fight injustice and bad governance.

Interacting with him reveals his frankness in stating his opinions. One can’t deny that his intelligence is enviable. His oratory style is embedded in ferocious aggressiveness.

I know of activists cum lawyers who have recorded landmark achievements and outshined their peers, but an activist in politics doesn’t sound familiar in our clime. Omoyele Sowore has been able to disrupt Nigeria’s political space, becoming a rallying figure who influenced even his contemporaries. Those who opposed him could not help but reason with his ideological standpoint. The electioneering of 2019 polls was greeted with a radical politician whose campaign wagon was branded with revolutionary messages targeted at crushing a system of ineptitude and tyrannical tendencies.

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His foray into politics has roots in the Take It Back (TIB) movement; a revolutionary vehicle geared towards restoring democratic power to Nigerians. As convener of the TIB, Sowore continues to be an advocate for liberation, peaceful co-existence, and abrupt national change. He has become the tribune of oppressed Nigerians, to fight against a prebendal administration which lacks respect for fundamental human rights and the rule of law.

In his quest to forge national unity, Sowore was able to convene meetings with leaders of various tribes, taking the message of oneness to their doorsteps. He vigorously preaches the possibility of birthing a new Nigeria. He is quoted as saying, “I have always been convinced that beneath all the stench of corruption, beneath this abuse of power, beneath all the problems that a lack of leadership has placed upon this nation…is a Nigeria that is waiting to be reborn”.

It didn’t come as a surprise to people who are endeared to him, when he aligned with the Coalition for Revolution (CORE), to kick off the #RevolutionNow protests. He has always been an advocate for a drastic change in the narrative; stirring up a consciousness of the need to seek sustainable economic growth.

There have been several attempts at denting his image, but he is usually unperturbed by the many lies and rumours of disrepute peddled against him. Like or hate him, the Sowore that I know, is a revolutionary, a selfless leader of men, and a thorn in the flesh to corrupt and clueless administrators.

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