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Updated: Students Stakeholders Converge In Ibadan University, Clamour A Working Education, Democratic System In Nigeria

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The entire city of Ibadan was held spellbound today, most especially at the outbreak of the West African diet of the Students For Liberty Conference, 2021.

The entire city of Ibadan was held spellbound today, most especially on the heels of the West African Diet of the Students For Liberty Conference, 2021.

The conference which has not just paraded quality speakers with resounding resumé has also embodied stories bordering on: Police brutality, social media gag, free trade including other forms of encroachment on the collective rights of the Nigerian people.

The event is deemed to be capable of championing a revolution in the status quo.

The inspiring conference came under the aegis of the Students For Liberty, Africa. Students For Liberty is an international organisation, serving as a Uniting Force for students all over the world.

The African region of the movement has deemed it fit to convene its regional conference at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The initiative which saw the light of the day via the instrumentality of Mrs Linda Kavuka (Mama Africa), a Kenyan Lawyer and Managing Director of the movement in Africa, made the day for so many youths in Africa.

Kavuka while speaking said she came from Nairobi for the first time to attend an international conference in the Trenchard Hall of the University of Ibadan. This was around 2013. She confessed to have been spotted and recommended to fill the vacant position reserved for a lady in the list of guests for the Students that year.
She further admonished on “Our young people need to know how to take charge and tap into the little opportunities with the potential of changing their lives. The challenge is on you.

“In our Digital Age, we have no excuse stopping us from approaching these opportunities. If you learnt all sorts of volunteering, please do it. When you are in school, you don’t know how much this would change your life. This would build your resumé.

Olumayowa Okediran, its Director of Programmes opened up on reasons why the programme did not happen last year. This is despite being generally acclaimed for have been timely by many participants.

These enlightened students have been inspired to preach continually the gospel of free trade, education and liberty for the African people.

Okediran, the Organisation’s Director of Programmes while speaking said, “The police are no longer our friend! The unending nightmare has rocked all parts of the nation, stirred various levels of protests and a lot of people have lost their lives while others live with the trauma of their ordeal.

“No thanks to the men and officers of the Nigeria Police but here is a personal experience.

Abdubaqi Mayriam, a participant at the conference from Maiduguri, Borno State stated reasons why the change we want need start from our homes, schools.

The 18 year-old Medical student of the University of Maiduguri reflected on some of the strides she successfully crafted with the support of her state government. All these boils down to the need for immediate action by the youths.

Other speakers who contributed to the event are Abideen Olasupo, Olanrewaju Ariyomo, Ajibola Adigun, Vahyala Kwaga, and a host of others.

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