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Sowore And The Message To Nigerians By Tunde Akingbondere

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I have always been a lover of late Chief Orlando Owoh. I am a lover of most of his witty opinions on the situations prevalent during his own time, including the uncommon ingenuity that has fully grounded him for the struggle against the oppression of his time.

He criticized all these via the instrumentality of his songs, poetically couched in a way that he could successfully sway an average human whose ears can hear.

Orlando on being arrested by the operatives of the Nigeria State, alongside the first wife who was eventually incarcerated with himself at the Alagbon prison, waxed a powerful album. The album is synomous to Fela’s “Coffin for Head of State.

Orlando wrote an emotional song, imploring people to help console, inform his lonely and last wife, Folashade.

Folashade was according to sources a new wife, she appeared not to have enjoyed the best of the new husband who has just been incarcerated for committing a serious crime.

Orlando apart from imploring people to help relay the message of his imprisonment to the new wife never did without telling them to help console her, as he was on the path of fate and destiny.

The scenario painted punches directly the leadership championed by the foremost Nigerian activist, Omoyele Sowore today. This was apart from the fact that his gadfly has been tactically demoralized. And his Dove troubled by the careless Nigeria state.

President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote in his book, ‘My Watch. The retired Army General cum pastor said a watchman in the course of his watch does not doze or sleep off. He is willing to continually tread the path of serious dedication to the pristine values that define his calling. Just this has Omoyele Sowore proven by standing to the challenge of addressing the salient issues, including the challenges with the Nigeria State.

The bereaved activist engaged the public, just like Jesus of Nazareth absconds from his unsuspecting mother in order to steal out and into the synagogue.

The synagogue was the bastion of his intellectual depth, including the superior drive he wields against his elders who have regularly confused the generality with drained sophistries.

On doing more of thoughts, I discovered he was not just dedicated but was at the same time looking for dedicated people. He told his aspiring apostles to allow the dead bury their dead. A lesson!

Any Nigerian would cancel any engagement whatsoever in the interest of a departed relative, or even droop in tears as he forgets his visions, aims and dreams.

Sowore, the thoroughbred activist who, apart from challenging the deep-seated system of corruption in the Nigeria state, has right from time canvassed against oppression in Nigerian universities. This had taken him to different Nigeria prisons.

He was a compatriot of George Iwilade Afrika, an irrepressible student activist who was gruesomely murdered alongside four other comrades on the ancient campus of the then University of Ife.

He consistently championed the sensitization of the collective people in the era of late Gani Fawehinmi, a senior comrade invited to the campus of the University of Ife by the Medical student who also doubled as the union leader, Anthony Fashayo.

The Acquinas College alumnus and President of the UNIFE Student Union invited to campus the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. This was a day after Ken Saro Wiwa was murdered.

Gani in the mannerism characteristic of him placed a curse on Abacha, he as well declared a total war against the military and bloody regime this day.

In less than 24 hours, Anthony Fashayo, the union president had been abducted to Oko, Benin City. This was by the operatives of the Nigeria’s fascist militia.

Sowore was alleged for the first time of attempting to oust government from a military government while he was just twenty years of age. The hero in Sowore was shot at a very close range by State syndicate Altine Daniel at the Unity Fountain, Abuja. This was while solidarizing with Falana’s ASCAB.

Many Nigerians have placed more than the curse placed on General Sanni Abacha by Gani on President Muhammadu.

Buhari, apart from being a failure in Economics has lost touch with the trainings of the military. He does not even worth being a course captain.

The man suffers from chronic amnesia whose spoils are irredeemable. This had almost made people believe he is dead and that he was also cloned. No! He is not dead but brain dead.

The killings might not stop until the people increase the volume of their agitation by clamouring an immediate revolution that won’t be televised.

Sowore lost his brother. He moved and was still willing to reinvigorate his soul. This was apart from the fact that he spoke the minds of everyone today on the Toyin Falola interview series.

He has simply told us to be dedicated, committed and forward looking. He told us the struggle towards the rescue of Nigeria would not be an easy one. It will be a path to both physical and emotional bruises but we should remain unbroken all the same.

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