Comrade Ay please leave Pastors alone,let us concentrate on the politicans alone, the Pastors are not the problem. Unfortunately they are wrong, the pastors are part of the problem.

Religion is a big tool, politicans use to enslave and confuse the people,and Pastors and Imams are the custodian of religion,so they are used extremely well by the politicans to buy the people,enslave the people,give the people false hope and more.

In a Nigeria where pastors like Dr. Paul Enenche have the speed dial of DSS,you must be a joker if you think they are not Part of the problem. Men on the pulpit are Nigerians and they must be patriotic citizens and stand with the people not criminal politicans or get out of the way,to allow those of us that are standing for the people,have better head way.

The reason why many Christians are unpatriotic is because they have been taught to focus on heaven, themselves and their church even if the whole country is burning down. You can imagine the level of selfishness. They do one thing alone,they pray for the country. In as much as prayer is good,it is useless without works and action. That work we have refused to do. Also most Christians do not even know the right prayers to pray for the country. My people lack wisdom, because they do not know how to pray. Am always so irritated when l hear prayers like,may God give our leaders wisdom. How can you pray for wisdom for people killing you and oppressing you. Know wonder they are getting better at it everyday.

I write about Pastors more because l am a Christian and l know exactly how they think. For the imams,instead of many of them to talk about the injustice and killings in the country, especially the North where most of their followers are, they continue preaching extreme religion which further causes religious war.

Now this statement PASTOR W F KUMUYI made is an obvious lie. Maybe he wanted to give hope,but this is false hope,and false hope is a lie. In his defense,some people said,maybe Buhari was given the solution but he decided not to use it. But l disagree, Buhari is a born failure. He became president to fail Nigerians but to enrich his family and his people. He planned to fail.

What Pastors need to do is very simple,tell the people the truth and the current state of the society. Tell the politicians the truth,both in private and in public. Stand against injustice, killings and stand with the people. Shun and rebuke all corrupt and evil leaders with the authority that God has given to you. Or is it only demons you have authority on. The bible said,the Lord has given you authority in heaven and on Earth,so why wasting it on demons alone. And l can tell you for a fact,the demons tormenting Nigerians are human beings and they are in Aso Rock and all other state government offices. Start rebuking them.

After you have done that,then you can pray for God to give us a better society. But constant false hope which are lies just to delight the people for some hours and also put you in the good books of politicians is highly wrong.

Nigeria would never get better until we all work towards it,and the first thing we are to do is to call out evil and evil men. That is one of the duties of a man of God,and in that aspect almost all of you are failing.

When Nigeria become Talibanized, PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE Inspired by Pastor W.F Kumuyi Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo all of you would run and leave your church building, congregation and all behind as you run out of the country. You can save them now with your voice and platform. But first,you all need to stop lying and step up the truth.

Happy Sunday Pastors!

He shares a couple of screenshot, take a look.

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