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The Sowore You Don’t Know By Ayo Turton

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Omoyele Sowore

Sometimes in 1993 during the struggle for the actualization of June 12 mandate, 21years old Omoyele Sowore had led some vibrant UNILAG Students to Kola Abiola’s house at Anthony Lagos on solidarity visit and to urge him to join the struggle.

Kola Abiola while addressing them asked them to relax on the aluta and then offered them some money.
I am sure Kola self won’t try that again in his life.

Sowore took the money and threw it in his face and gave him the greatest dress down of his entire existence.

He told Kola Abiola that besides being MKO’s son, he is not better than him in anyway and that if he thinks they are fighting for democracy because they are hungry. He told him the struggle was actually about Nigerians and not his father.

When I look back at some of these incidents involving him, I didn’t have to think twice on his judgement.

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