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Sowore Opens Up On Sunday Igboho, Yoruba Nation [Video]

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The Publisher of Sahara Reporters Online Newspaper and convener of the RevolutionNow Movement, Mr. Omoyele Sowore has opened up on Sunday Adeyemo Igboho and the struggle for the recovery of a nation for the Yoruba people.

Sowore while addressing journalists on Thursday at the suspension of court’s proceedings on the bail application granted the 12 Yoruba Nation activists, has described Igboho’s secessionist agenda as a revolutionary initiative, though sectional.

The activist who spoke in fluent Yoruba said the only difference between what he does and that of Igboho is that Igboho has been clamouring a sectional revolution while he demands a revolution that will cut across the nooks and cranny of the country.

Sowore said whoever is fighting for the liberation of his people and against the suffering that has cornered Nigeria must have been doing a revolution but that the enemies of Nigeria are not just Yoruba people, nor are they Ibos alone. They are all over the country. A secession will according to him still warrant a revolution, as the corrupt enemies of Nigeria will retreat to Yoruba land as they continue to destroy it.

In his words “What Igboho is doing, fighting for the liberation of the Yoruba people is a revolution.

“Anybody who hates what is going on in this country and says enough of the suffering is doing a revolution.

“We are just different in the sense that we are saying the revolution cannot be in one corner but the entire country. That those destroying this land are chased away.

“Ours is to first chase the tormentors of our poultry before resuming back to the fowls. That’s what revolution stands for because those who are spoiling this country have Yorubas, Igbos, Fulanis, Hausas and Ibibios among them.

The activist further disclosed that these people are intimately close despite their tribal diversity, “They enjoy, merry and live large on our collective wealth and honour. They also rendered desolate the house of honour. That’s what revolution stands for.

“Even if the Yoruba Nation is secured, there is no how we won’t still go back and do revolution because those destroying Nigeria currently will retreat to Yoruba land. They collect money and own the land.

“Ours is to at first have the revolution, chase the tormentors as we come together to establish our own government. A government that can guarantee Nigeria.”

He however said whoever wants to secede from the country after the revolution can do, “it will be entrenched in our constitution that self determination is a legal right. He said.

Sowore concluded on the note that Yoruba Nation without a revolution is an effort in futility. It is synonymous to deceiving ourselves.

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