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Casualties In Ilara-Mokin, As Robbers Struck [Video]

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The university town of Ilara-Mokin has been unexpectedly rocked by killer robbers, armed to the teeth with explosives and guns.

The terrible group of armed robbers were said to have been on the trail of the only bank in the peaceful Ilara, a town close by Akure, the capital of Ondo State for so long.

They arrived at the UBA branch of the community in the afternoon of today, shot sporadically to attract the attention of everyone within the ancient community.

Our source, who prefer being anonymous for reasons best known, has said the killer herdsmen confused everyone as to their activities in the bank, by simply shooting some gaseous explosives into the air. “Not even the structure of the building can be seen by anyone. He said.

“We were monitoring the event from the stairs of our very tall building, though could see a lady, in possession of a sophisticated gun. She was shooting sporadically alongside not less than ten other robbers.”

Reference Daily News gathered that the said bank was a victim to a similar robbery incident about thirteen years ago, the developing town might not be able to secure another bank again, as the entire bank had been brought down by the killer robbers.

They were said to have been seriously resisted by one of the paid security men committed the responsibility of guarding the banking establishment. He reportedly fired a shot, escaped after he was shot at by the desperate armed robbers. The gunshot which had no effect on the Gardner was said to have necessitated the use of an explosive on him.

They according to report bombed the daring security operative with the bomb, this was shortly after they discovered he possesses the spiritual resistance against their guns.

A staff of the Elizade University was reportedly shot directly inside his vehicle. The gory sight of the head split open will continually trouble an emotional witness, not even when three other dead bodies were recorded as casualties inside the bank.

A Commercial motorcyclist caught by the situation of the area was said to have been shot while driving his bike.

The operation which went for over 45 minutes was said to have opened the way for the loot of the bank, “bags were used to convey money from the banks and into the vehicle of an innocent bread seller, who was reportedly stripped of his vehicle by the robbers.”

The youths of the community in reaction to the refusal of the police to show up at the venue of the incident mobilized, protested, “One of the youths was shot at a very close range by the police, after they called to expose, solidarize and address the fundamental issues and responsibilities the police has left unattended to.”

They later showed up though, but that was after the armed robbers already left. The commissioned men of the Nigerian police were at the scene alongside some Amotekun Corps.

Ilaramokin has returned back to normalcy as at the time of filing this report, though tension-ridden, the police have emerged to detonate the left-over bomb brought by the armed robbers. They also went with the casualties recorded as dead bodies.

Watch the video below:

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