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PDP Youths Say No To Banditry, Train In Catapulting

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The Katsina branch of the opposition PDP might be preparing some vibrant youths, as they have chosen to fight banditry by improving on their skills in local catapulting. This is to defend themselves against the attacks from that end.

The youths who confirmed this development in a statement released under the aegis of the Kaduna State People’s Democratical Party Media Organisation claimed they took the step as a follow-up to Governor Aminu Masari’s charge to the people of the state. He, according to the charge admonishes them to explore the means via which they can protect themselves from bandits’ attacks.

The “Operation Catapult Shoot” was launched at the Katsina metropolis, under the leadership of the organization Chairman, Comrade Naradeen Kankara Tina.

He was quoted as saying, “We embark on the exercise in compliance with the recent directive issued by the Katsina State government and we are determined to expand the exercise across local government areas of the state”.

He said, “Why should I sit in my village and be only making telephone calls without doing anything?

“Every bandit, every criminal has an address, has a location, and they are human beings like us. The only difference is that they have taken arms against us; does it mean we have nothing to take against them?”

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