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We’ll Arrest, Try, Jail Those Burning Police Stations, Fomenting Trouble In Nigeria, Buhari Vows

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President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his stand against those burning police stations and creating unrest in the country, vowing his government will arrest, try and jail those found to be culpable of such offences.

The President said this in an exclusive interview on Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, on Friday where he also noted his administration will not tolerate those creating confusions in the country.

President Buhari in the interview again expressed displeasure at the Endsar protesters saying they were trying to remove him from the office.

He said, “How can you go to the police station,  kill the police if they are there, loot the armoury and burn it what do u want to achieve, how can you go to the prison and free criminals that have been tried through the legal system.”

 “All they need is confusion and no government will allow confusion. Look at the endsar protests in Lagos, they burnt over 200 buses bought by the former governor to compliment transportation and railway complex and the current governor came to me with an album, I collected it and kept it in my archive and told him to tell Lagosians to walk since they don’t want the buses they should walk,” He said.

“what I would do is to arrest them, try them, give them bad publicity and jail them so people will know that when they misbehave they will not get away with it”, He said.

On the allegation of treating bandits with kid gloves but using force on peaceful protesters, Buhari said, “Nigerians blaming me are being unfair they should ask the governors of Sokoto, zamfara how we have been deploying police and the military but Nigeria is vast..”

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