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Ondo Tops The List Again, Came First In COVID Infection Chart

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The newly released chart for Coronavirus infections in the country has placed Ondo in the position of the most exposed state to the COVID infection.

The results released on Tuesday revealed 68 new cases out of 102
confirmed cases across nine states in the country. Ondo, a Southwestern state successfully topped the list. The state had on Monday recorded 30 cases out of total 49 cases reported in the country.

According to an information released by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on its website on Wednesday morning, the new figure indicates an increase from the 49 cases recorded a day earlier and ranks highest daily infection tally in the last six days.

A higher figure was recorded on Thursday when 122 new cases were found in five states.

The fatality toll still remains 2,117 as no new death was recorded on Tuesday, the disease centre noted.

The centre added that 69 persons were discharged from hospital across the country after treatment.

A total of 163,269 recoveries have now been recorded so far.

Nigeria has about 1,542 active infections.


Apart from Ondo State, Bayelsa also ranked second on the list with 17 confirmed new cases while Kaduna reported five.

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