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Strike Imminent In Nigeria Universities, Says ASUU

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has charged the Federal government to resolve the outstanding issues with the union before the suspension of the 10-month wide strike,  not even when that goes a long way in maintaining peace in institutions. 

ASUU Chair complained about the amount owed its members in different universities, some of its officials are yet to be paid for 3 and 14 months respectively. The debt traced to the government might eventually neccessitate the closure of schools again. This was according to the ASUU Chairman, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, who granted an interview with Punch.

According to him, “It is continuity, we run a collective leadership. So, it’s continuity from where my immediate predecessor stopped. It (the crisis) is not yet over. The government has the opportunity to ensure that the crises are over. It is just to implement those things.”

“You know we were on strike till late last year. We reached an agreement on how to implement the outstanding issue with the government. We will expect the government to implement those issues with timelines.

“They have reneged on a number of them in line with the timelines. But, we believe that it is not late; they can still resolve those issues for the peace and development of our universities.

“As a union, we don’t love strike because we have our children here. Ninety-nine per cent of lecturers in Nigeria have their children in Nigerian universities, unlike the politicians who are actually destroying the system. How many of them have their children in this country?” he said. 

He conclusively urged the government to take proactive measures else, the crises will start from where it stopped.

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