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Count Me Out Of Any WhatsApp Post, Replies Wole Soyinka

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The popular Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has requested to be distanced from a particular WhatsApp post, clamouring the support of the collective people for Oduduwa Republic.

In the statement he released on Thursday under the title, “they are back,” Soyinka denounced the fake post attributed to him criminally as to rooting for Oduduwa Republic.

According to the statement,”Once again, he requests the public to ignore the utterances of those contemptible interlopers who lack the courage of their conviction and thus take to Identity theft for the furtherance of their views.

“For a start, Wole Soyinka does not participate in Facebook, Tweet, Blog, WhatsApp or other offerings of the Social Media. Any views that he wishes to express on national and other issues routinely go through the print media.” 

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