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Your Protests Politically Inspired, Boroffice Says To NANS

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The Ondo State branch of the National Association Of Nigerian Students, in a statement released earlier today and signed by one Tobiloba Akeredolu, the Financial Secretary of the association demanded forthwith, the payment of the annual Bursary due to students in the state by Senator Robert Ajayi Boroffice.

The association while buttressing its demands, recommended the provision of so many other pressing needs, to make life a bit comfortable for the youths in different tertiary institutions.

It conclusively issued an ultimatum. In its words; “All this we expect you to make your intervention by attending to our demand within the ultimatum of Seven Working Days, as the host of Nigerian Student not only in your district but across the Axis of Ondo State won’t find it difficult to bring our Axis Headquarters to your domain. We hope hearing pleasant feedback from you before the ultimatum lapsed.”

Senator Robert Ajayi Boroffice, apart from being the Deputy Senate Leader, also represents the interest of one of the three Senatorial Districts in the state at the House of Senate, he fired back at NANS by identifying their agitation as a politically motivated one.

Boroffice while speaking through his Legislative Aide identified the conduct of the students as wrong, not even when they lack what it takes to challenge the Senator on the payment of bursary. In his words, “They (students) have no right to issue any ultimatum to the Senator. Boroffice has earlier promised to pay bursary because their is no other way they could be empowered. Do they want Wheelbarrow or what?

“If they have failed to see the efforts of the Senator to pay bursary, it means they are politically motivated. Maybe they were paid to attack the senator.

He conclusively enjoined them to contact their local government coordinators for information as to how the bursary will be rolled out.

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