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COVID 19: Speaker, Kano State House Of Assembly Wanted For Violating COVID Travel Protocol

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Hamisu Chidari, the incumbent Speaker of the Kano State House of Assembly, has been reported wanted by the federal government.

The need for the declaration arose after it was found out that the said speaker violated latest protocols put in place to curtail the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria.the

Chidari was alleged to have presented a forged Coronavirus test result. The result had been confirmed fake by the health authorities in Nigeria.

The alleged speaker whose passport number is B50022050 was identified with number 66 on the list of the 132 violators published on Thursday by the presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19. Sequel to the release of this list, was the one earlier published on May 23, it comprised just 90 violators, including some Indians identified as uncategorized violators.

Sources privy to the development called the speaker’s conduct an embarrassing and condescending one. One of them who addressed Premium Times on the phone said; “From the airport, he was conveyed to the National Women Development Centre along with others where they were expected to be observed for seven days before they could be certified to be free to mingle with Nigerians. And if otherwise, they could be referred for further procedures.”

“But when the speaker got to the centre, he said he did not like the place and offered to isolate himself at the NICCON Luxury Hotel but he never did. He betrayed the authority’s trust, by escaping to unknown whereabouts since that day and he couldn’t be observed.” He has since then been declared wanted by the federal government.

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