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Comrade Supreme – The Tall Tale of The Moment By Akinsulure Semiloore

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For the past few days, I have signified interest in monitoring the ongoing consciousness against oppressive and irresponsible leadership in student unionism that has startled the system. It’s also one that has demanded for the immediate impeachment of the incumbent president of AAUASU.

This is an expression that shows tide is finally turning in the polity against porous leadership, and that would stir the mind of the people even against the words of Adolf Hitler – the Nazist dictator who came up with the bitter ideas that confered undue luck to ‘rulers’ at the detriment of ‘men’. What is then the fortune of a leader with a selfish and egomaniac mindset?

It is against this backdrop of compromising alliance entered by the student union president, Comrade Obagunwa Oluwasegun Daniel, that I think it’s pertinent we also inundate the public with the glaring anomalies of the Chief Executive Officer of Adekunle Ajasin University Students’ Union, who happens to be the fulcrum of life in the union.

Recall that, an open petition was written few weeks ago to the Student Representative Council (SRC), by one Babatunde Akingbondere (Barrytee), that clearly exposed the glaring circumvention of the Student union constitution by the president of the union. This has also featured as a formal prayer at the temple of the Student Judicial Council (SJC).

It is in the sake of justice that we have deemed it reasonable to a fat extent, to familiarise the student whose conscience have been betrayed with the basic thrust of the president’s gross misconduct. No decent society would welcome and even exalt a leader with no modicum of respect for that which constitute the will of the people.

Comrade Supreme’s action outrightly defiled the chapter 4(34a)(if) of the constitution of the student’s union – it states that “under no circumstances shall any executive member be involved in anything_collect money, submit a proposal, enter into an agreement with the individual(s) or corporate bodies on behalf of the union; without the consent of the Students’ Executive Council (SEC), Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the Students’ Affairs Division even if it is directly related to his/her office. Any violation of this sub-section shall be regarded as gross misconduct and shall be punished as such.”

It is quite unfortunate, disheartening and daunting that the Student Union president, who should uphold the tenet of the constitution, would out of his own volition and self-interest consented to an act that might likely wage war against the general interest of over 15,000 student of AAUA.

The concerned bodies: including the legislative and judicial arm of the student’s union must stand tall to combat this anomalies. It is one that must not be allowed to stand the test of time, and should serve as deterrent to others who might still be willing to pervert justice like our very own Comrade Obagunwa.

3 thoughts on “Comrade Supreme – The Tall Tale of The Moment By Akinsulure Semiloore

  1. Hmmmmm. New era is here already. It’s time to say no to bad leaders. God bless you Semmy

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