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The Hypocrisy Of PDP/APC Supporters By Ekundayo Mike

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Ekundayo Mike

In 2016, PDP’s supporters and many of those who felt sad that JONA lost his second term bid for power quickly registered their support for TRUMP except for few who understand politics very well. They do that believing OBAMA was very instrumental to the defeat PDP suffered in 2015, so they started politics of anything against the ruling APC; either good or bad, real or imaginary, both locally and internationally. I looked at some of them but cant believe my eyes, but I refused to say anything for few reasons.

First, I believed I did not come America to discuss US politics, so I want reject any temptation to be emotionally attach to either democrat or republican. I also believed both parties are good and bad and design with different ideologies to take care of challenges facing the country at different times.

Secondly, I didn’t want to Judge Republican by the utterances of a single man, not even when many big names in the party like Bush and McCain has come out openly to oppose him for misrepresenting Republican party. Also, Republican was responsible for the creation of immigration program upon which I and many others immigrated to America. So I understand the two parties very well and they both love the country, though with different ideologies especially on international policies.

Now in 2021, excesses of president Trump got to the peak with the invasion of capitol by his supporters because he lost a presidential election conducted under the same system when he won in 2016. But I am surprised that many APC die hard supporters and those in government begin to mock the America instead to learn from how they are able to manage this political crisis.

They do this to give excuses that no democracy is perfect and no country is better governed than other especially now that we have a tribalist as president of Nigeria. Yes, these people called Americans are not perfect or different from other human beings created by God. But their founding fathers has built a solid foundations in several institutions to take care of madness in anyone either in power or private life.

I think the wisest thing to do by everyone who loved Nigeria beyond mere party politics is to study how many politicians across parties including the VP and those in judiciary were able to close ranks and save the country from imminent danger launched to fracture the foundation upon which the greatness of the country is built.

But instead, many of these politicians and their supporters see what America is going through as an opportunity to say Nigeria is doing great and can’t do better than this since America also facing political challenges. Hence, it is a normal thing across the globe. This is the shortest route to enter irredeemable doom in life, whoever cares should note this.

The attitudes of these people except for few respected ones really make me sad. Not because they are attacking America, but because they are innocently destroying the country and making things more critical. How would you solve your problems if you are not aware you have any problem?

Some even went to the extent of mocking America for activating national guide to put to check those who forcefully took over the capitol because same US condemned Nigeria for using the army for internal security and against END SARS protesters. But for the purpose of correction, let me explain what national guide, a superior US military is all about. The national guide is a special US military created with constitutional roles to maintain internal security and perform external military duties.

Both state governors and the president has the constitutional power to activate national guide anytime; the governor can call on national guide within their states for internal security during natural disasters, insurgency or social unrest they believe is going beyond regular police. The national guide has units in each state of America. They are not US marine or other regular armies which only the president can order for external duties alone.

Those soldiers in national guide are like part time soldiers and they are both military and civilians at the same time. Most of them has primary jobs like any other civilian as a banker, lawyer, police, doctor, private business owner and so on. But once they are called for national duties, they must be released immediately anywhere they work, and live among the civilians except when they go for regular monthly drills.

There is nothing really wrong to be a loyal and a patriotic Nigerian, you can also defend the image of your country especially by your conducts. But it is very wrong to continuing praising and defending everything in the country good or bad until the country become irredeemably destroyed and think that is patriotism.


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