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COVID-19: Nigeria Records Over 100,000 Confirmed Cases — NCDC

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Nigeria now has over 100,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases as 1,024 new infections reported in 17 states take total to 100,087

States with new Covid-19 cases include Lagos-653; Plateau-63; Benue-48; Zamfara-45; FCT-42; Rivers-27; Ondo and Adamawa-26 each

Other states with new Covid-19 cases are Kaduna-22; Edo-18; Ogun-16; Imo-12; Kano-9; Yobe-6; Ekiti-5; Jigawa-4 and Osun-2

There are 613 Covid-19 patients discharged across Nigeria in the last 24 hours with the total number of successfully treated cases rising to

The national death toll is put at 1,358 as 8 more persons die of Covid-19 related complications in Nigeria in last 24 hours.

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