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Opinion: Which Way, Nigeria? By Tunde Akingbondere

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Omoyele Sowore, apart from being a thoroughbred and irrepressible activist had held the polity spellbound since 1994, preaching the message of positive change to those in authority.

Tunde Akingbondere

Apparently, so many things have gone wrong with the geographical compartment called Nigeria, the sobriquet, Giant of Africa seems to have ironically expressed the altitude of degradation and overbearing tribulations holding it to ransom overtime. The whole thing started after the consummation of a fictitious independence, willingly given by the colonialists in the year 1960 and later Olusegun Obasanjo-led Military government. Little did anybody know, that the repentant Khaki man without pressure relinquished power for the sake of his subsequent fellowship with governance. He was unknown to all as desperate!

The Late Sunny Okosun sang brilliantly in the album waxed under the highly rhetoric and uncompromising phrase, “Which Way Nigeria?” He was the first person to ask the big but real question, having examined the state of the sick nation, he recommended our saving it, “For Nigeria will die.”

Before Nigeria dies, it is reasonable to apply some soothing libation on its wounds, to preach the uncompromising message of salvation to its dry soul, bereft of any speculation in the eyeballs. It is only by doing this that posterity can be proud of us, that it can roll away this impending doom and which had wallowed the helpless country in a broad daylight.

The country had reversed from recession into the ditch of corrupt public officials who, instead of doing the expected misappropriated funds, lied about the use and even constituted a barrier to freedom of expression via all repressive means available. A few people have been adversely affected by these, most especially the chasm created between the rich and the poor, the poor who can enrol the children but cannot afford the connection to get them jobs. Appalling!

The latest of these suffocating episodes was the Nigerian police’s systemic brutality, an obvious collocation with the revolutionary #Endsars protest. This development confessed more of other lapses and had threatened to deal with them with a showdown while the country goes dead and dumb of tremendous importance in the history of this brutality and which revels in wickedness, bribery, corruption and overconfidence.

Any man who in his right senses have called the oppressor’s considerate people must either be bereaved of the realities of suffering from psychological derangement that only earnest prayers of the Pentecostals can cure. Yes! To corroborate this was the historical ALLI MUST GO protest of 17th April, 1978, the highly rated titanic struggle started out against Ahmadu Alli, then Minister of Education. It started out on the said date at the University of Lagos under the visionary Leadership of Late Comrade Segun Okeowo, then President of defunct NUNS.

It was never a bloody one the day it started, it later became so catastrophic on the second day, not even with the mobilization of fierce looking policemen to the gate of the University. Harmless students were seriously bombarded with canisters, dangerous rifles and weaponries this, led to wounds secured by so many students and the eventual death of a student who was initially denied of his right to health at the Lagos State University Teaching and Orthopaedic Hospital. A rejoinder to this was the massacre of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University on the 20th of same month, this seems to be one of the very first times when the Armed Forces had ever been mobilized to attack peaceful protests. They killed the A.B.U 4.

In the interest conciseness and historical leadership is remembering in the matter of this discuss the earlier IMALOKUN massacre of 1961 and within which seven members of the popular National Association of SeaDogs(Pyrates Confraternity) were murdered in cold blood. The Kassim Commission blamed the Nigerian police for the death of one Kunle Adepeju, a gentle Agricultural student of the University of Ibadan who was killed in the year 1972 during peaceful protests.
Highly nauseating is the latest massacre at Lekki, including the unwarranted denial of the carnage by the government committed a cognitively deranged President?

However fervent the voice which had resonated amidst all injustice perpetrated against these harmless citizens, the reality still remain in the Nigeria that had chosen to stick to its evil ways.

Omoyele Sowore, apart from being a thoroughbred and irrepressible activist had held the polity spellbound since 1994, preaching the message of positive change to those in authority. They in the stead of yielding to his clamour for a better Nigeria have tried to corrupt him, to submerge him in the pool of victimization as he might eventually lose focus as the young person he was. The incessant stints with the dreaded prisons aren’t enough reasons to compromise, not for once has he even given in.

The innovation he championed as #Revolution was earlier obstructed by so many who in their ignorance have not explored history, they have not gotten to discover that the same revolution had been preempted by astute musicians like Beautiful Nubia, including the late hero of music, Sunny Okosun. Buhari called for a revolution in 2015. Why should he be a problem at all?

This, led to his incarceration by the DSS and the eventual arraignment before a Federal High Court, he in one of the sittings was almost abducted by the agents of the state, he was rough handled and battered. That he could be rearrested at the collective demand for his immediate release is still a subject of serious controversy.

It would interest you to know that they treated this comrade as a criminal, not even when they locked both hands in handcuff and had refused to provide him before the court yesterday.

The most popular question in the academia and the country at large is “Which way, Nigeria?”
If we must be ever frank with ourselves, what we need now to navigate the headway is a revolution.

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